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Dating on Tinder? Find Out the Sexiest Professions

Dating on Tinder? Find Out the Sexiest Professions

by Novak Bozovic03/03/2016
Ever since it launched back in 2012, Tinder has managed to attract over 50 million users, with 10 million daily active users. And if you’re wondering how many matches were made, the company said to have made about 10 billion matches.

With that sort of power comes a lot of useful data about what men and women are looking for, and some of that data can help you to learn how to better your chances of getting swiped towards right.

Only a couple of months ago, Tinder introduced a new feature called “smart profiles”. This way, a user can enter very detailed information, which includes their education and profession as well.

This data then gets highlighted in your profile in hope that you find something in common with some other person.

With this said, it’s clear that Tinder captures a lot of information regarding the sexiest professions out there. Note that the following information is US only.
Recently published on the company’s blog page, the list includes top 15 jobs that made men and women swipe right.

As some of you can expect, pilots took the crown of the most desirable and the sexiest profession. Beside pilots, women seem to like male entrepreneurs and co-founders, firefighters, doctors, and TV/radio personalities. However, men seem to be interested in physical therapists, interior designers, entrepreneurs, and PR-related professions.

Interestingly enough, some professions found their way on both of the lists, where you can find teachers, college students, and personal trainers. No wonder why students have found themselves on this list, since they seem to be the focus group of the dating app. College students were ranked 10th for men, and 6th for women. You can head over to Tinder’s blog page for the full list.

There is also another interesting reason why students are on this list. Around 39% of Tinder users are between the ages of 16 and 24, and 41% are aged 25 to 34.
As it can be seen, the list shows that traditional stereotypes are still very much present. The list implies that women are seeking men with higher paying jobs, while men look for women with supportive roles.

In case you’ve used Tinder before, you probably know that your personal information is being extracted from your Facebook profile, or you can enter it manually. With this said, we can’t be sure how accurate this poll is.

Tinder was launched in 2012 and is one of the first “swiping-based apps” for dating. The app uses Facebook and Instagram profiles to gather information and photos, and analyses complex social graphs to build its algorithm.

Bottom line

In this manner, the app tries to make a match between two individuals by analyzing their geographical information, possible mutual friends, and common interests. This is all presented on your profile page, and a user you can anonymously swipe right to pick someone, or wipe left to pass.
Then, the app examines your in-app behavior to adjust its algorithm and offer you more personalized choices.

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