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Critter Hop

Critter Hop

by Andrija Nikolic09/03/2016
After the great success that Flappy Bird made last year, a great number of developers started to follow this path of creating a simple, but addictive game that will become a global hit. This idea may sound easy but many have failed on that journey.

One of those who joined the challenge is Nicholas Then with his game called Critter Hop.
The game is universal, designed to work on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. At this moment, it’s available only on iTunes.

The game has three levels of difficulty, and it can be customized to meet a variety of players with different playing skills. Minimalistic 2D graphics are pretty cool and intuitive. It will not distract you from playing with unnecessary details.

You need to help little critters to climb up high into the sky. Jump, hop on moving platforms and remove deadly spikes on your way to the clouds.

Navigation is simple, but you will still need a little time of practice to get used to the gameplay. Because of my fat thumbs, I occasionally missed left-right buttons and ended the game a lot before achieving more than dozens of platforms. Also, for me it was impossible to play Critter Hop lying on the couch. My phone slipped from my hands too many times and the game ended.

Aside of jumping, you have to collect as many coins as you can to unlock a new, cool character. In total, there are 20 different characters. For each of them, you have to “pay” 4.000 coins, so you have to play a lot to unlock them all. Some other games offer players the shortcut, to buy a new character with in-app purchase. But in Critter Hop, you have to sweat well and earn them by yourself.

The soundtrack will give you a good rhythm to play, and it will also improve the overall playing experience. As Critter Hop is connected with the Game Center, you can challenge your friends to compete with the highest result.

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Bottom line

Since the game was released less than a month ago, the highest achieved result at this moment is 700. So, it is the right moment to join the game and grab the highest position on Game Center. Critter Hop is free to download and there is no reason not to give it a try. Same as in other free games, time to time banner ad between two games will appear. It’s nothing especially annoying here, but if you want an ad-free game there is a button for in-app purchase that will remove them from the game.

In case you want to try Critter Hop under your fingertips, here is the App Store Link

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