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Coda: An incredible, powerful and portable text editor for iOS

Coda: An incredible, powerful and portable text editor for iOS

by Novak Bozovic21/03/2016
We can argue whether iOS is capable of doing serious work and replacing some more capable devices, but the point of this argument is to take a look at the iOS App Store.

During the last couple of years, we have seen a tremendous increase in desktop-grade apps that are more capable than ever. Whether you are a photographer, or perhaps a graphic or web designer, you can find tools on the App Store to help you get the job done and beyond.

In this article we will take a look at an app that proves my point. Coda is the perfect example of how capable iOS applications can be, as well as how they can replace their OSX and PC counterparts. Continue reading to learn more.

Definitely the most important part of Coda is the code editor.

In case you’ve been looking up a code editor for your Mac or iOS device during the last years, you must have stumbled across a series of applications made by a company called Panic. Their bestselling product is called Coda, which has been around since 2007.

Coda panic is an incredible, powerful and portable text editor for iPhones or iPads

As expected, the company made an iOS version at some point, but failed to impress web designers. Now you have the chance to try the redesigned Coda, which will surely change your mind.

Coda iOS app is a very clever and incredibly capable text editor with FTP integration for iPhones and iPads. It adds several layers of complexity in terms of visual and functional polish.

The start screen of this app will show you the projects you’ve started. The app uses a resizable visual tab bar, where you can easily switch between different websites, as well as investigate their files with clearly shown file extensions.

The sidebar is a section where you can find quick access to Hints, as well as web development tools like Validate, Push, Source Control Management, and Places.

One of the additions is a new sidebar as well, which brings a quick switch between local and remote files and in-page elements.

Coda iOS text editor for iphones and iPads

Coding never been so easy

Aside from the fact that the new version (version 2.1.3 – released on January, 28) is more polished in terms of visual quality, there are some more important refinements. You can count on reliable syntax color, so you can easily differentiate page elements, and there’s auto completion for custom variables and functions.

If you’re terrified by the amount of code on one page, you fold it, which gives you great visibility of certain parts that demand your attention.

There’s much more you can do with Coda than just code writing and editing. The app can be used to preview websites, so it serves as a valuable preview tool for responsive websites.

In addition, robust FTP features are there to help you handle operations like upload, download, duplicating, and renaming files. Coda supports following protocols: FTP, SFTP, FTP with Implicit SSL or with TLS/SSL, in addition to WebDAV. There’s certainly nothing more you can ask for.

Bottom line

Coda text editor is a universal app, meaning that you can use it on your iPhone or iPad, including the recently released iPad Pro. Combined with the largest iOS tablet, this app is a powerhouse. Coda can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

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