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Chameleon run: the game you just can’t resist

Chameleon run: the game you just can’t resist

by Andrija Nikolic29/05/2017
Recently, Apple has decided to redeem Chameleon run, the endless running game, so addictive to play that it will drain your phone battery and leave all your tasks unaccomplished. The right question here is; why do you need such a game on your phone?

I really don’t have time to play games, not as much as I used to do. Some of the games that I receive for testing are pretty boring or rubbish so they don’t stay on my phone more than 15 minutes or even less.

But, some of them are so good for playing that I just can’t stop playing. It is bad for my productivity since it’s destroying my concentration and not letting me focus on my next tasks. So, I delete them upon the testing is finished, as well as bad ones.

Recently, Apple has decided to redeem Chameleon run, the endless running game so addictive to play that it will drain your phone battery and leave all your daily tasks unaccomplished.

The perfect question is, why you need to install such a game that can harm your job or ruin your social life (We all know how our partners like to see us playing games on our phone. Right?).

Chameleon run has a great gameplay

Basically, it is an auto-runner game with a color switching twist. As it’s said, Chameleon run is an endless running game, where you fly through the air bouncing off platforms, see-saws and slides, paying attention to match the right color on your way to end the level.

There are only two controls, one for your right thumb that controls jumping and one for your left thumb that is changing the color. The gameplay may sound easy, but sometimes your thumbs just don’t listen to you and play on their own.

Changing to the wrong color or shortening/extending your jump can make you crash on the black bricks. What really sucks.

Any way, it will take some time to get familiar with the game mechanics and make you play better and better.

Controls are perfectly tuned and very, very responsive.
It’s unbelievable how fast you can swap if you’re quick enough, as each touch will instantly switch colors. It’s a useful thing when you forget to swap the color at the very last moment.

There are four main goals that have to be accomplished for each level:
1. Complete the level without falling,
2. collect all the marbles,
3. collect all the Smoke Crystals and
4. complete the level without switching colors.

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Design and Sound effects are awesome

The visual point of the game is amazing with bright, cheerful colors as well the sound effects. I have to admit that I haven’t seen such a perfectly polished game for years.

The game is so great that even Apple didn’t resist Chameleon run, so they decided to redeem it. Now everyone can enjoy this game for absolutely for free.

Plus, they gave this game a really big promotion on the App Store. We can just imagine how many downloads it has generated in the past month. Probably a huge amount of them.

Bottom line

It’s not a common thing for Apple to redeem apps and games for free, but frankly speaking Chameleon run is awesome! So, thank you Apple for this little kindness.

In case you don’t want to listen to my advice to save your phone battery life or to get your job done, download the game following the link.

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