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Celebrity Hollywood

Celebrity Hollywood

by appsRooster team19/02/2017
One of the most interesting surrogates of the industrial revolution is the phenomenon of the term Celebrity. And you’re completely wrong if you think that celebrity phenomenon is something new.

Is ‘celebrity’ a relatively recent phenomenon?

The earliest celebrities came with the rise of newspaper broadsheets in the early 1700s, when it became possible for people to acquire fame simply by finding ways to be written about.

Probably the best definition of this term is given by Barbara Goldsmith. It is a good source if you want to deeply learn about this phenomenon.

But, in case that you are just interested in learning more about celebrities and their lives or in putting yourself in their shoes continue reading.

Celebrity Hollywood

Not saying that Celebrity Hollywood is the only game you may find on the App Store in this genre. But, for sure, it is one of the most interesting titles we’ve seen and a good way to start your virtual celebrity life.

Your virtual celebrity career starts in Hollywood. All you need is to do everything that real celebrities do. Go shopping at exclusive boutiques, date and dump other celebs, shoot movies roles and other funny stuff. The more you do, the more followers and in-game currency you’ll earn.

Celebrity Hollywood Game Screen 1

The game play is very addictive. It gives players hours and hours of good fun in their way to climb high on the Celebrity Leaderboard. Who wouldn’t like to walk the red carpet, win movie and music awards, do the interviews and then do more shopping!

Travel the world to different cities and go shopping with hundreds of items to buy including clothes, handbags, shoes, cars, yachts and even private jets!

You can like or dislike Celebrity Hollywood, but it represents a full meaning of consumerism. The society impressed with Kim Kardashian and her big family, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and many others.

Furthermore, even if you do not like this way of life you have to agree that most of them are hard worker actors, musicians, or sport stars.

More about Celebrity Hollywood

– Own apartments in different cities where you can mix and match dress styles
– Visit the gym or dance class to earn workout points
– Go to makeup stores and then scuba dive or water ski
– Visit exclusive night clubs with VIP rooms
– Attend an exclusive runway fashion show
– Walk the red carpet at movie premieres and attend A-List only parties
– Win movie awards after completing movie shoots
– Record a worldwide smash hit song and video, go on tour and win music awards

The game graphics is very appealing to player eyes. It is crisp and vibrant and you just can’t stop playing. The game is free for download and has good in-app purchase options.

Celebrity Hollywood game Screen 2

If players like the game, once the Hollywood level is finished they can continue celebrity life in Paris, New York, Cannes, Beverly Hills and Aspen. The price to unlock all those locations (in case that you like the game) is 1.99$ and it can be considered as a fair price.

In conclusion

Celebrity Hollywood is a real choice for all those who want to simulate celebrity life. It is funny and addictive but will also show you the dark side of consumer society.
The only restriction is that this game works only with iPhone 5s and newer devices and iPad air or better.
Interested in this game? Download now from App Store.

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appsRooster team
  • Britt
    20/02/2017 at 19:42

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like that celebrity cult we’ve seen for years on the tv’s.
    But, this game is a quite cute 🙂 Give it to try…you may like it too.

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