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CCO Companion – An App Designed for Investment Advisers

CCO Companion – An App Designed for Investment Advisers

by Novak Bozovic30/03/2016
Investment advisers are playing a very serious and responsible role of giving advice on investing in securities, as well as managing portfolios of securities.This includes staying on top of the latest regulatory information, as well as keeping track of any upcoming changes. However, as you are about to find out in this article, there are ways to find all of this information in one place.

CCO Companion is a recently released application aimed at helping investment advisers find reliable and up to date information. The main goal of this app is to collect the information and advice that investment advisers need in order to meet their regulatory and compliance requirements.

This is a very serious and comprehensive task, so let’s see how CCO Companion app manages to handle this information.

As it can be seen from the images in this article, CCO Companion is very straightforward (and even very basic) in its design. On the left side of the screen you will find the main menu, along with the sidebar for previewing different categories of content and information.

The right side, which is significantly larger, is the reading area.
The application is divided into three main areas: A Reference Library, News and Alerts, and Compliance Tools.

When it comes to the Reference Library, it’s important to note that this section is analyzed and reviewed by experienced compliance professionals. This means that investment advisers will be able to rely on relevant and up to date regulatory information.

In addition, you can upload your own compliance documents and create bookmarks for your own digital library.

News and Alerts are served through RSS feeds from sources such as SEC, FINRA, and other key regulatory authorities.

The Tools section is probably the most comprehensive list of professional tools, including monthly compliance training material, along with templates, models, and checklists. This can save a lot of time to any investment adviser, simply by having laid out all of the available information.

Once again, you can import your own documents and easily make use of them in your future work.

CCO Companion – An App Designed for Investment Advisers

CCO Companion is free to download from the iOS App Store, but it requires a subscription to be fully unlocked. The free version is a good way to test this app since it provides access to over 100 documents under the Advertising and Marketing Compliance section.

You can also try out RSS news, checklists, training materials, and preview five available White Papers.

The Professional Subscription will unlock the entire app’s content. This includes entire Reference Library with over 1,500 documents available at the moment, including the rest of the content.

Note that if you cancel the subscription, you won’t get your money back since cancellations take effect at the end of the current period.

Bottom line

However, considering that CCO Companion provides invaluable digital help to any investment advisor, you will hardy every reach for this option. There are two subscription models, where a 6-month subscription is priced at $299, while the full year will cost you $499. Both of these models are auto-renewable. App Store Link

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