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7034LG V20 Promises Premium Hi-Fi Sound
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8936The Future of Amazon are Drones
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5500How to Keep Malware Off Your Android Phone

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4940How to Wipe Your Android Phone Before You Sell It
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9698Ohlala: The Grey Zone of Online Dating
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Automate Your Home Brewing with iGulu

iGulu is the smartest, highest quality, automated craft brewing system. That’s right, there is now a machine that can help brew your own beer, or perhaps try some well-known beer recipes from all around the world.
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TimeCap is the World’s Smartest Wearable Recorder

TimeCap is a new kind of a wearable camera that is currently going through its Indiegogo crowdfunding phase. However, this camera already surpassed its crowdfunding goal by more than 500 percent, which means that we are only a couple of months away from the final product.
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RippleBuds: The First Bluetooth Headset to Block out Noise

RippleBuds are much better when it comes to reducing background noise thanks to their innovative technology. This product was featured both on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where it managed to surpass its goal and is currently ahead of production.
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The Superbook: Your Smartphone Becomes a Laptop

Today’s smartphones and tablets are incredibly powerful; much more than many people realize. They are capable of running productivity apps like Microsoft’s Office suite of apps or high-demanding games...
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Logitech’s Pop Home Switch Simplifies Home Automation

A new device called Pop Home Switch is something new for the company known for PC peripherals and iOS accessories. This is actually a button about the size of your palm, that can be programmed to perform certain HomeKit-supported operations.
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Indiegogo’s Bravo Headphones Are High-Tech, Low-Cost Headphones

If you are interested in high-quality headphones, you must have heard about electrostatic technology that powers some of them. Even though they bring the best possible sound quality, they cost a lot.
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A new earpiece promises to crash language barriers

The wearable-technology company Weaverly Labs has come up with an earpiece capable of translating different languages in real-time. This product is called Pilot, and it should be available as an Indiegogo...
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Nura headphones – a billion dollar idea

Nura headphones integrate unique soundwave technology automatically to measure a listener’s hearing from the outer ear all the way to the brain, and to perfectly adapt music for him.
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Pavlok “Shock Clock” Wakes You Up with an Electric Shock

With numerous amazingly useful smartwatches hitting the market, it is no surprise that wearables are in high demand. Companies are trying to make profit out of...
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14728blocking text messages on android
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12200Discover All Pokémon GO Secrets by Using a Hack

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5500How to Keep Malware Off Your Android Phone
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7564New Google Maps Features + Tips and Tricks
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15816Interview with Mike Amerson: President of WET Production
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