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Carbo – Handwriting in the Digital Age

Carbo – Handwriting in the Digital Age

by Andrija Nikolic03/03/2016
Carbo's innovative visualization technology sets you free from pixel artefacts while preserving all expressiveness of your original drawings.

Personally, I love to start each project with a ballpoint pen and my notebook. I know that it might sound kind of weird in the digital age when everything is about smartphones and tablets, but I’m the old school guy.

This routine just makes me feel good. But, it doesn’t mean that I ignore and don’t use new technologies to increase my productivity – just the opposite.

After I put my thoughts on paper, I like to scan my work and keep it in digital format with me. Scanner apps can do a decent job, but when you need advanced editing features you may get stacked with a half-done job in your pocket.

Carbo – Handwriting in the Digital Age is the app that responds to most of my needs in a great way during the testing period.

Developed by Belgium studio Creaceed, the application was launched in May 2015 and the current version of the app is 1.2.1. Developers have called the technology behind the app Hybrid visualization technology. A captured picture from the notebook is cleaned up and turned into a highly accurate monochrome representation.

Carbo - Handwriting in the Digital Age

Carbo – Handwriting in the Digital Age is developed with innovative rendering technology combining vector technique for image sharpness and bitmap technique for easy editing.

Using the slider below the screenshot, it is possible to adjust the intensity of captured photos.

I got the best results from the documents that were written on paper without grid lines. In some cases, scanned documents had too intense grid lines and I needed to put some additional work to erase them from the taken document. I guess it depends on a type of grid, color, and thickness so results can be different in your case.

Carbo can be used in different ways. You can use device camera to capture your scraps or you can import already scanned documents from the local folder or from the cloud storages as Dropbox, iCloud or Evernote.

But you can also use your finger or iPencil to create documents directly on your iPhone or iPad. For this, I prefer using a tablet instead of a phone because of comfort that comes with a bigger screen.

Also, I give the advantage of stylus pen over finger even when results of writing and drawing with the finger give acceptable results.

Editing documents never been so easy

Editing documents is one of the best features that Carbo provides. Using the lasso tool, you can select parts of text or graphics and simply move them to a desired place on the page and make changes to your work. There is also pen and erase tool available, which is pretty enough for decent work.

Then comes fine tuning with a possibility to change the background color, stroke color and to add or remove the grid. There are few presets so you can save your work in different styles such as blackboard, blueprint or pixels.

The preview option will help you to choose the one you want much faster and easier.
After all job is done, the document can be shared over social networks that you use or simply by email.

Above all, Carbo – Handwriting in the Digital Age has efficient file compression. For example, a usual weight of JPEG photo is around 3Mb but files created with this app are typically around 400Kb. In other words, it will take almost ten times less space in your storage. Great isn’t it.

In case you want to print your work, it will export the file in high resolution up to 1200 dpi.

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Bottom line

The only thing about this app that might distract you is the price of 7.99$ on US App Store. But, with a simple and easy to use user interface, Carbo – Handwriting in the Digital Age is a top notch tool for the digital era and is totally worth considering.

It is a perfect application for students, entrepreneurs, journalists and everyone who wants to keep all their work in the pocket. Maybe it is time old dogs learned some new tricks. App Store Link

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