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Blacklane Is Uber’s Competitor with a Different Vision

Blacklane Is Uber’s Competitor with a Different Vision

by Novak Bozovic18/07/2016
As more people are travelling by air, travel-related services are also being pushed into a rapid development. Every frequent traveler knows how hard and stressful it can be to find your way around local transportation.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have begun to solve this problem, but somewhat inefficiently, as it seems. Transportation from an airport to your final destination is different from simply traveling from point A to B since it includes a wide range of potential plan changes induced by air traffic.

A German-based company is promising to resolve this issue by trying to bring together local professional limousine drivers with passengers. The company, called Blacklane, is offering customers a way to order a ride via website or app. This way, users can know in advance how much this trip will cost, without having to research local feels or tipping customs.

Blacklane Looking to Take Over Uber and Lyft

Here is how this service works, behind the scenes. When you order a ride (which needs to be scheduled at least one hour in advance), you will see how much it costs. The cost will always be the same, no matter if the day is sunny, or if it’s raining and your airport is blocked by travelers.

As you probably know, this is not the case with companies like Uber. This is because Blacklane sends out an offer to its drivers, after you’ve made a “purchase”, to buy your ride. The price is usually low at first, but it can bump up with no one wanting the ride.

Blacklane Is Uber’s Competitor with a Different Vision

There is also another interesting tidbit about Blacklane. When demand outstrips supply, which can happen during a snowstorm for example, the sale price will exceed the fare. However, the company will take the hit.

Unlike similar services, Blacklane transfers the burden from the passenger to itself. Thanks to its monetization method, the company has established a presence in over 300 airports worldwide in just over five years. This is more than Uber and Lyft.

Up to this date, it also raised over $22.5 million in funding from several high-profile investors that include Daimler.

As one of the biggest car manufacturers, Daimler’s move to invest into a company like Blacklane gave a strong signal. As car sales are declining, there are experts that believe that car ownership won’t be as important in the future. However, this can create a whole new kind of industry as people still need to move around.

This is why taxis, public transportation, ridesharing, and car-sharing services are sure to take over the car ownership model. Uber and Lyft have found a way to battle against traditional taxi services, but Blacklane has successfully found its position within business users.

Headquarters in Berlin, this company currently employs 150 people. After a rapid expansion in Europe, Blacklane recently doubled its North American availability by covering 77 airports.

It is now looking to spread to Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. In addition, companies like Lufthansa, Daimler, Qunar, and Expedia are showing that they believe in this business model.

If you’re looking for a way to avoid dealing with complicated and usually unreliable taxi services at airports, maybe it’s the right time to look at what Blacklane has to offer. Blacklane website

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