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BlackJack Live Casino game review

BlackJack Live Casino game review

by appsRooster team09/09/2015
Black Jack is one of the most famous card games and if you want to try your luck, BlackJack Live Casino is a good way to start basic rules.

There are hundreds of tables, VIP privilege suites, tournaments and challenges all with Guest and Facebook sign in options. And when you want to kick back from the tables, there are fantastic mini games such as Scratch ’n Match and Luck wheel to try your hand at winning millions of chips!

Once the game was installed on my iPhone, I was really surprised with a great quality of graphics and I got a feeling like I’m in some really fancy Monte Carlo casino.

Sound effects and voices are well done and they enhance gaming experience a lot. 

The Gameplay is similar to other casino games.

There are plenty of tables for playing. After I picked one with a cute Asian girl at a table who already played there, the game started. Hand by hand deal by deal. 

I suggest that you avoid chat function because it was too hard for me to concentrate on the game and to talk to the above-mentioned lady. 
Maybe because of my avatar, but I wasn’t successful so much in my new friendship.

So, pay attention and choose wisely your avatar picture if you want to be noticed…or simply pass a drink.

Except Black Jack as the main game, there are also few mini games to play inside for all those that want to take a little brake between rounds (and maybe earn some more money as well).

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In conclusion:

This is an excellent game, one of those perfect time killers, but keep your eye on the dealer, I think he’s winning too many times in a row. I’m wondering if he is cheating or I just didn’t have luck this time?

 Off course, BlackJack Live Casino is free to play with optional in-app purchase.
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