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Automatic Pro Reveals Hidden Data from Your Car

Automatic Pro Reveals Hidden Data from Your Car

by Novak Bozovic05/09/2016
San Francisco-based Automatic is known for providing real-time data that tracks your driving style and trips, quantifying that information in an easy-to-use application. This is a gadget that helps its users keep a close track of mileage and gas usage, and even offers smart integration with third-party services.

The original Automatic was a $100 adapter that was connected to a car OBD II port, from where it pulled data. It managed to get positive reviews, many people praising its design, simplicity, and easy setup. However, the second generation is here now, with more options and one surprising new feature.

The Automatic Pro is now priced at $130, but you should see it as a smart investment since it can save your money. Instead of connecting to your phone via Bluetooth in order to transfer information and data, the second-gen Automatic has an always-on 3G connection included at no extra charge.

Fine print will inform you that this option is free of charge for the first five years, and we can agree that this is an exceptional offer. Continue reading to learn more about this interesting gadget.

Like the company behind Automatic likes to say, whether your car is brand new or decades old, it has hidden data about mileage, gas usage, performance, and its engine health. You can make that data readable by plugging in the

Automatic Pro to any car standard diagnosing port, also known as OBD II. This method works with most cars made in ’96 and later.

Automatic Pro Reveals Hidden Data from Your Car

All you need to do is plug in the gadget and connect it to its official app on your iOS or Android phone, and you are ready to go. The setup is very simple and user-friendly, and you will receive a manual with detailed instructions.

Automatic Pro have some features

Among the new features, the Automatic Pro offers real-time location tracking, improved crash alerts, and expanded integration with third-party apps and services.

This is why parents can now keep track of their children and make sure their trip went alright. Still, there are some business-oriented uses for advanced users.

On-demand economy workers who are using their cars for work can use this app to get real-time data and track business expenses. In addition, the app provides information about the car health, which is a good way for businesses to avoid costly expenses.

What is also interesting to mention is that the new version also offers integration with online scripting service IFTTT. This is how you can create connections with other services, easily downloaded using the app.

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Bottom line

For example, this is how you can automatically generate a Google Spreadsheet with detailed information about your car mileage and gas usage, or you can connect with your smart home devices.

You can even take advantage of integration with Nest, Philips Hue, Garageio, and Dropcam.

It is amazing to think about how much data the this app can pull out of your car, as well as how much money you can save this way. This gadget pushes Internet of Things in the right direction, and it will be very interesting to see its further development.

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