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Automate Your Home Brewing with iGulu

Automate Your Home Brewing with iGulu

by Novak Bozovic21/09/2016
Home automation seems to be more helpful than ever, heavily relying on Wi-Fi and your handheld devices to control different parts of your home. There are smart alarm systems that can keep your home safe while you’re away, or automated lighting systems that can help you save on electricity bills.

Not all smart devices are made to help you secure your home or to help you with some chores, since there are products designed for your entertainment and enjoyment.

iGulu is the smartest, highest quality, automated craft brewing system. That’s right, there is now a machine that can help brew your own beer, or perhaps try some well-known beer recipes from all around the world. This craft brewing system already went through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, where it raised more than $700,000.

The initial stages of brewing will only take a few hours, while fermentation will last anywhere from a few days up to a couple of weeks.

After several tweaks and a new name (it was previously known as Artbrew), iGulu is currently featured on Indiegogo where it’s close to $1 million in crowdfunding. Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

iGulu is an automated beer brewing machine that uses its onboard control systems and sensors that allow easy programming and monitoring of the entire brewing process. Perhaps the most intriguing part is that this product comes with an app that allows you to pick from a variety of recipes or create your own.

However, craft beer enthusiasts are currently using machines that came with a main body, kegs, and other components, while this is not the case here. Instead of having to learn about different aspects of producing beer at home, iGulu allows its users to simply mix different ingredients, pick a recipe by using a large LCD display, and carefully monitor the process while the machine does all the work.

With this said, it’s clear that even beginners can instantly jump the bandwagon and produce their own beer. Still, there are features for more advanced users who are willing to manually modify temperature, add locally harvested ingredients and pick the time between brewing.

According to the official description, iGulu will let you pick between hundreds of recipes. In addition, its mobile app will allow you to share your own recipes and see what other users are suggesting. Since the machine connects via Wi-Fi to the app, you will be notified on different parts of the process, as well as if you need to take any action.

With the expected retail price of $989, iGulu allows those who are interested in investing to take advantage of a discounted price. The lowest early-bird pricing is at $550. If you want to invest more money, you will receive additional accessories like mini-kegs. Mass production is expected to begin in Q2 2016, while deliveries are slated for Q3 2016.

This is definitely one of more exciting products on Indiegogo, and it will be very interesting to see how iGulu turns out.


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