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914LG V20 Promises Premium Hi-Fi Sound
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The Future of Amazon are Drones
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620How to Keep Malware Off Your Android Phone

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1016How to Wipe Your Android Phone Before You Sell It
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762Ohlala: The Grey Zone of Online Dating
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Casual Connect 2017: The best indie games show

As reported in Casual Connect summary, this was an increase with more than 20% of submitted games compared to the last year’s event.

PC is still the strongest platform with nearly 44 percent of all submitted games and it’s closely followed by mobile games equally between iOS and [...]

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4 Apps That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Deepening a relationship takes a lot of hard work. Today’s mobile technology, however, can strengthen your relationship by teaching you how to communicate, make plans, and learn more about each other.
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Apple Unveils The iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, and More!

The big news is that the iPhone 7 is now waterproof, which implies numerous enhancements to its internals. Perhaps the most notable one is that phone does not include a headphone jack, as rumored during the past months. This means that users will be able to use the new EarPods that use the [...]
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Pokemon Go Quickly Catches the Top Spot in the App Store

If there's one app that has people talking, it's Pokemon Go. The long-awaited mobile version of everyone's favorite monster-catching game is finally here and the fever to catch them all...
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Augment Reality Mobile Game Pokémon Go Launched Yesterday

Nintendo launched Pokémon Go yesterday. It's their first augment reality mobile game for Android and iOS phones. At this moment the game is available only in ...
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Rashomon story by Apple and Spotify

Both sides of the story have rights to complain about another side. But if you are in the house you have to play according to the house rules or...
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WWDC Apple’s Keynote: The Emperor’s New Clothes

After yesterday WWDC all of the mainstream media have published news from the event. Unfortunately, none of them was critical. I wondered if I had watched the same WWDC event or did I miss something?
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Clash Royale will blast your life and here is why

In case you are one of those who haven't joined the army of addictive Clash Royale players yet, and still don’t know what it is all about, here is a short overview.
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Moleskine Timepage – A Beautiful and Capable Calendar App

Even though our iOS devices come with a built-in Calendar app, this mobile creation is usually ignored by users. This is one of the reasons why there are so many calendar apps on the iOS App Store, where many of them take top spots on the Store’s best-selling chart.
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1006The top 5 iOS 10 Tips
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How to Block Text Messages on iOS and Android Devices
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Discover All Pokémon GO Secrets by Using a Hack

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620How to Keep Malware Off Your Android Phone
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610New Google Maps Features + Tips and Tricks
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3394Interview with Mike Amerson: President of WET Production
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What is Google’s Strategy with Pixel?
Casual Connect 2017: The best indie games show
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4 Apps That Will Strengthen Your Relationship
Must Read:Interview with Mike Amerson: President of WET Production
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