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AskMob – Ask Questions In Your Area

AskMob – Ask Questions In Your Area

by Andrija Nikolic26/10/2015

I’ve been using Google almost every day for more than fifteen years now, and it has become my routine whenever I look for some information. It usually does a good job for me. But, sometimes when I look for some specific things such as a coffee shop or restaurant in the local area, I’d like to hear the opinion of others who have already been there.
AskMob is a social network with the primary idea to connect local people and help them to exchange information and find right answers. Here I don’t mean those like “What is the meaning of life” or similar :).

Once you create your account using your email address or Facebook, you can connect with others.
AskMob has one different feature from other social networks: it allows you to write posts or chat as an anonymous person.

The user interface is simple and intuitive but, in my opinion there is space for improvements from the visual point of view.
It is available both for Android and iOS devices and it’s totally free.

Here are some features:
– Ask anonymous questions within 11 miles of your location and get answers on demand from people around you.
– Create your own groups and follow their posts.
– Give a shout out and ask if anyone is interested in meeting you for coffee.
– Post your deepest confessions, jokes, News quotes and more.
– Meet new people based on their posts, responses and location.
– Chat using WiFi with people anywhere in the world (even if you have no mobile phone coverage.)
– Send a “Map Tracking” request and locate friends, family and co-workers on a map in real-time.

In conclusion:

Since AskMob is a pretty new service, during the two weeks of testing I wasn’t able to find too many users. But I think this idea is clever and it might be useful especially if you travel around and want to hear opinion from live users in real time instead of Googling.
Anyway, AskMob is a free app, so there is no reason not to download it and give it a try.

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