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Apple’s March Event to be Held on Monday, March 21st

Apple’s March Event to be Held on Monday, March 21st

by Andrija Nikolic15/03/2016
Since 2011, Apple has been announcing new products and product redesigns through press conferences held in March. With this said, it is not surprising to learn that Apple today sent out invites for a media event that will be held on Monday, March 21st.

The media event will be held at the company’s Town Hall auditorium on its campus in Cupertino.
Just like before any Apple’s media event, rumors start circulating about predictions of new products and product redesigns. This year, it looks like we can firmly expect a new iPhone, as well as a new iPad, in addition to a range of new and redesigned Apple Watch accessories.

Rumors about a new 4-inch iPhone have been circulating since the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, even though Apple continued to sell older iPhone generations as a low-cost alternative. However, starting this year we’ll see an updated 4-inch iPhone that is more affordable and quite capable.

The new iPhone will be called “iPhone 5SE” or “iPhone SE”, and is modeled after the iPhone 5s. Very close in size, the new device will bring the same general dimensions but an updated shell with slightly curved screen, just like with the current generation. Additionally, it will be on par with Apple’s larger-screened iOS devices thanks to a new A9 chip and 1GB of RAM.

Those of you who are photography enthusiasts will be happy to hear the iPhone 5SE will include a 12-megapixel camera with Live Photos support. However, it would be too much to expect a feature like 3D Touch on a low-cost model, since it is considered a flagship feature in the iPhone 6s.

The upcoming iPad Air 3 should receive a new name and become part of the “Pro” line thanks to several significant improvements.

This should be seen immediately thanks to a new design, a four-speaker layout, and the Smart Connector – which are the features found in the recently released iPad Pro. The four-speaker layout will require a slight redesign of the tablet’s internals, which might result in a thicker body. However, having four speakers would massively improve the sound output and performance. Other updates should address the performance, so we expect to see the A9X processor, also used with the largest iOS tablet.

Last but not the least, the Apple Watch maker is expected to announce new watch bands. Even though we have been hearing a lot about new and improved health-related sensors, it seems like we’ll have to wait for a new generation of Apple’s wearable iOS device to see those. For now, you will have to be satisfied with new colors of existing bands, but there might be a new line, such as a rumored nylon band.

In case you’re planning on live streaming this year’s March event, you can head over to Apple’s website. Note that you’ll need an iPhone, iPod, or iPad with Safari on iOS 7.0 at least. You can also livestream the event using a Mac with Safari. But, what’s also interesting is that Windows 10 users can use Microsoft Edge to watch this year’s March media event.

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