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Apple Music Likely to Lose Its Connect Feature

Apple Music Likely to Lose Its Connect Feature

by Novak Bozovic13/05/2016
A couple of weeks ago, Apple made an announcement saying that Apple Music has 13 million subscribers. Even though Apple’s music streaming service faced a lot of harsh criticism when it was initially launched, this didn’t stop users from choosing it over its numerous rivals.

The number of subscribers is rising rapidly, but it seems like Spotify, the leader in this group, still takes the strong first place with its 30 million users.

This June, Apple will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where we’ll get to learn about the next generation iOS and OS X, along with other interesting announcements. It is expected that among those announcements Apple’s music streaming service will find its place. Nearly a year after Apple’s Music’s debut,

Connect was one of the features that was heavily criticized. Most Apple Music subscribers never activated this feature, and instead they ignored Connect.

Apple is preparing to announce the service’s end-to-end overhaul. The new version will bring a redesigned user interface, which should be lighter and more user-focused, as well as a few new features, and reorganization of the existing features.

Interestingly enough, it looks like Apple Music will lose Connect once iOS 10 gets released. This feature was an important component of the service upon its launch, promising to create a better connection between subscribers and users.

It allowed artists to share photos, videos, and audio while on tour, while subscribers were able to comment and like posts. However, this feature lost its focus during the previous year, and never lived up to expectations.

Tech-savvy iOS users found a way to hide this feature. In case you also find this feature a bit odd, you can deactivate it by going to the parental control settings. You need to open Settings, tap on General, then Restrictions.

In case you’re not using this feature, you will need to activate it first. Once you activate it, which requires setting up a passcode, you can find a list of features than can be turned off. Among those feature, you will see Apple Music Connect.

In the next version of Apple Music, which will be released as part of iOS 10 upgrade, Connect will be demoted.

This feature can be currently found in the bottom-positioned toolbar, where it takes a very prominent position. It is expected that Connect will lose its tab and become integrated into the “For You” section. This is where subscribers can find recommendations by Apple’s curators.

It is also interesting to note that this is not the first time Apple developed a social network dedicated to music lovers. Back in 2010, the company launched a service named Ping, which was part of iTunes. This social network allowed artists to connect with listeners, who were able to share their interests and connect with others who like similar music.

All that is left is to wait for this year’s WWDC, which takes place June 13-17 in San Francisco. During this event, we will most likely find out more details about OS X 10.12, as well as a new version of Watch OS.

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