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Alto is AOL’s Contender for the Best Email Client

Alto is AOL’s Contender for the Best Email Client

by Novak Bozovic19/09/2016
There has never been a shortage of highly useful email clients for iOS and Android. However, even though every popular email client comes with the same set of basic features, their innovative aspects and ease of use are what sets them apart.

If you’re using the stock Mail app on iOS, or Google’s Gmail app on Android, you should know that there are some much better alternatives out there, completely free of charge.

In this article we will be looking at an iOS/Android email client that comes from none other than AOL. It is called Alto, and this is one of the most capable apps of its kind after having received a new major refresh earlier this month. Let’s take a closer look.

First, it’s important to say that Alto is capable of everything you usually expect from a mobile email client. It features threaded conversation, swipe-to-archive, active push notifications, as well as a combined inbox. On iOS, it even supports 3D Touch for quick actions.

Alto is AOL’s Contender for the Best Email Client

Furthermore, if you’re an iOS user, you can use Touch ID to add an extra layer of security by locking the app. This is a small, but very important feature since our inboxes are usually full of private and sensitive data.

This email client comes with numerous features that are making reading and replying to emails as quick as possible. In addition, there are numerous sorting options, which is why Alto will try to teach you upon the initial launch. After having a quick glance at the app’s features, you will be prompted to sign into all your email accounts.

Even though this app comes from AOL, it supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and iCloud mail. The next step will take you to a menu of your accounts, similar to how the iOS Home Screen looks.

One of the most prominent Alto’s features is called Cards. This is an ingenious way of pulling out important bits of information from your messages and displaying them using beautiful, descriptive cards. For example, this works really good for flight statuses and for checking package progress, all from one location. Even though you can access all your available Cards from the app’s Dashboard, you can also see them in your inbox.

Another feature that sets Alto apart from similar apps is its automated assistant. This feature allows you to easily sort your messages and find what you’re looking for. Each of your inboxes is able of sorting mail by one of the following categories: Snoozed, Personal, Photos, Files, Unread, Starred, Shopping, Travel, Finance, and Social.

Bottom line

However, these are not just simple filters. If you decide to look for a photo, you will see a grid of all your photos with titles indicating where they come from. The same goes for varies types of files that you usually receive as attachments to messages.

Alto is definitely one of the most capable email clients out there that allows you store all your emails in one place and easily sort them in numerous ways. On top of that, it’s free of charge. There isn’t really anything else that you can wish for. Developer website.

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