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4 Apps That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

4 Apps That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

by Andrija Nikolic10/01/2017
Deepening a relationship takes a lot of hard work. Today’s mobile technology, however, can strengthen your relationship by teaching you how to communicate, make plans, and learn more about each other. Check out these four apps and choose one that you think will help strengthen your relationship.


Operating System: iOS
Whether you’ve been dating for only a few days or you’ve been married for years, there is still a lot that you can learn about your partner.

IceBreak makes it easier for you to learn about each other by asking questions about the types of things you both like to do. Daily questions will make sure each person has a chance to offer useful information that will benefit the relationship.

IceBreaker will also help maintain your relationship with surveys that ask you to rank things like your overall happiness in the relationship and how much fun you have with your partner.

If your relationship is heading in the wrong direction, these surveys will help you spot small issues before they become major problems. Find it on AppStore


Operating Systems: Android, iOS, and Windows
Couple is like a social media platform built just for you and your sweetheart. It offers all of the features that you would expect to find on other social media sites. For instance, you can use the app to make a timeline that catalogs your time together. The app will also let you create a shared calendar, exchange messages, and create to-do lists.

Couple also gives you some features that you won’t find anywhere else. Live Sketch lets you and your partner draw together even when you’re miles apart. The Thumbkiss feature is a cute way to show your affection when you’re away from your loved one. If you can’t kiss him or her in person, you can share your thumbprints. It’s surprisingly sweet, especially when you’re on a long business trip that keeps you away from home.

Since Couple is such a visual app, you’ll get more from it by using a phone with an HD screen, such as the iPhone 7, with its 4.7-inch Retina display. Using a fast, reliable network like T-Mobile’s will make sure your doodles update in real time. You don’t want to get frustrated by delays when you’re trying to share a nice moment with your honey. Find it on AppStore

Fix A Fight

Operating System: iOS
All couples have arguments. Fighting is part of being in a relationship. Just because everyone fights, however, doesn’t mean that you should let arguments undermine your love. Sometimes strong emotions can convince you to say words that you can’t take back easily.

The Fix A Fight app gives you several tools to make sure you argue in a healthy way. It gives you a list of adjectives so you can communicate your feelings well and shows you how to express yourself without making your partner angry.

Good communication takes a lot of practice. Fix A Fight makes it a little easier for couples to express themselves and settle arguments without getting too emotional. Find it on AppStore


Operating Systems: Android and iOS
Price: Free
Sex plays a crucial role in romantic relationships. A lot of people, however, don’t feel comfortable talking about what activities they want to explore in the bedroom. Kindu helps couples communicate their desires so they can discover new things that will deepen their relationship.

Kindu uses a few approaches to get you and your partner to discuss new possibilities. For instance, both people can take a survey of questions about what you do and do not enjoy. Since you’re not talking directly to your partner, you can feel comfortable expressing your desires. Kindu will only share your answer when it matches the one your partner gives. That way, you never have to worry that the person you’re dating will think you’re a weirdo.

The app uses a passcode to make sure no one can look at your private information.
Some people think that mobile technology prevents people from bonding with each other. These four apps, however, show that mobile devices can play a positive role in building relationships.

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