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3 Things to Make your Mobile App go Viral

3 Things to Make your Mobile App go Viral

by Jordan Ames17/02/2017
App revenue has grown to over $44.8 billion annually this year and projected to grow as big as $80.6 billion by 2020, according to Newzoo’s app market report. User reports show that apps dominate mobile internet usage, claiming 90% of consumer time using the internet on mobile devices.

Needless to say, there are still a whole lot of pieces of pie yet to be claimed. So what’s the key to making sure that it is your app that will go viral? Making sure that the right users can find you! The truth about making an app successful is that the quality of the app is only a small key to it’s success.

So many apps are great quality but they never reach the people who will be high quality users and early evangelists that will tell all their friends to use it.

With over 2.6 million apps on the google play store, there may be lots of sifting through the market to be done, but your users are there. You just have to find them!

It may not be easy, but most things worth having don’t usually come that way.

Here’s what you need to do…

Don’t market to everyone!

If you have never paid for advertising before, think about where you may have seen ads before. Maybe it was plugged at the bottom of an app you are using, on your Facebook news feed, or accidently clicked when your page is still loading.

These are classic examples of Forcing Installs. When these ads are put out to appeal to everyone, they actually neglect to reach the real high quality users of their app.

There’s one simple way of describing why you shouldn’t just click and pay for general advertising: You are pumping your hard earned money into a marketing slot machine and hoping that the right users will see it!

Indoctrinate users

So you must be wondering what wheel we are going to have to invent to get around this, right?

It all starts by taking a step back and seeing what the important parts of your app are. When you can break down the benefits of your app, you will be able to create a user before the install!

The first step that I take with every app developer that I work with is to find out the ideal user of their app. We do this by creating a User Avatar, and using Targeted Asset Scripting to create the perfect ad to display your app. (This comes with lots of market research too)

I know that may be confusing, so here’s an example-

Say that your app is for working out. Out of the thousands of apps out there in this field, what is your perfect user going to be looking for that makes your app a good fit?

Is it that you let me log every set of every workout that I do and you can optimize my results to help me get stronger? … Well my Grandma should probably know that before she downloads your app and never uses it.

The trick is to find out what part of your app is going to change someone’s life, and streamline the information to them about how you are going to do it.

Consistency is key

The mobile app marketplace is a dog eat dog world. If your app doesn’t get liked right away, then it falls right to the bottom of the barrel.

That’s why it is so key that you consistently market your app and optimize where you are sending it. The best way of finding the absolute greatest channels for your advertising is by learning from your results and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Think about your app as a business. If you were the head of Nike, do you think that you would make an investment to build an app and pump money into marketing without having someone there to break down your target market and optimize your results?
…I don’t think so.

Here is the exact guide that we use with our customers when we first start working with them. If you follow this, you’ll have a dependable and consistent flow of new users that have been waiting to find your app.

Bottom line

Oh yeah, and the longer that you keep this running, the more efficient your user acquisition will get. We see the price per install method drop significantly when you work to optimize your user acquisition system. (Pay less money and get the same or more installs per month!!)

If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve teamed up with AppRooster to give you access to my full online Mobile Growth Workshop absolutely free. You can access here

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